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She's Like Candy, Cont.

Chapter 27

Willow moaned softly as Spike let her slide down his body. As soon as her feet touched down, his hands slid up her arms to deftly unravel her fiery tresses from the confines of the bun. Willow shook her head softly, smiling at the look of appreciation in Spikes eyes.

"Cor, youre beautiful." Spike moved to embrace Willow, but the redhead avoided his arms and moved to kiss his shoulders and back.

"Now, you were saying something about this not being a fling?" Willow peppered soft kisses along the curve of Spikes spine, running the tip of her tongue up the long line of skin when she came in contact with the top of his jeans.

"Mmmm." Spikes head fell back as Willow scratched her nails back down to his waist. "Just trying to tell you that Im feelin far past this being a fling."

"So, were serious about us being an us, then." Willow had knelt behind Spikes legs, untying one boot and then another. Spike obligingly stepped out of them and Willow shucked the socks from his feet.

"More than serious. Pet, I- Hey!" Willow had begun licking and kissing at the skin just above the denim as he spoke, taking a healthy nip when he tried to turn to look at her.

"Stand still. Im playing." Willows voice was harsh, but the gentle hand caressing the prominent bulge under his zipper took the sting from her words.

"Whatever you say, luv."

"Darn tootin!" Willows giggle vibrated through the lips still caressing his skin, and Spike gave a purring growl.

It took Willow a long moment to unbutton the blondes jeans, the zipper following soon after. Spike wasnt wearing underwear, and Willow nodded to herself. One delicate hand slid over the crisp hair inside, and Willow couldnt keep up the slow pace.

In a swift motion that left Spike a little dizzy, the witch leaned away from his body, grasped his hips, and spun him to face her. She buried her nose in the crinkly hair above his member. Willow took in several deep breaths, reveling in the musky smell of Spikes body.

"Red," Spikes voice was low and rough, and he had to swallow a few times before trying to speak again. "Not that I dont love this whole thing, but you really cant do what I think youre about to do."

"And why not?" Willow quirked an eyebrow up at him.

"Because, I bloody well couldnt take it! When you came earlier, I almost came in my pants like some wet behind the ears teenager. I wouldnt be able to hold off if you took me in your mouth."

"What if I dont *want* you to hold off?"

Spike wrapped his fingers through Willows flaming curls and gently brought her to stand in front of him. The fierce kiss full of fangs and small trickles of blood belied the feelings running through the vampires body. Resting his forehead against hers, Spike looked her in the eyes.

"I want to be buried so deep inside you that you forget all about any other man. When I cum, I want you coming with me. I want to feel your legs wrapped around my waist and hear my name on your lips when I let go."

Willow was shaking with need by the time Spike released her. She stood, taking in trembling breaths, until Spike took pity on her and pulled her into a demanding kiss.

Willow knew her lips were bruising, that the copper taste on her tongue was her own blood from where Spikes game face had emerged minutes ago. She just didnt particularly care.

Nothing was more important than Spikes mouth, his hands that were caressing her body, or the feel of Spikes bare chest against her own as her nails dug deep into his back.

"Take me, Spike." Willow pushed herself up against his hard body. "Please take me, and love me."

"You dont have to worry about the takin luv, and I do love you, Willow."

Willow had just enough time to admire, once again, the soft accent that slid over her name before she felt herself lifted and deposited in the center of Spikes bed. The duvet hadnt been replaced when Spike woke up from his nap, and the cool satin of the sheets caressed Willows flushed skin. She arched her back in a long stretch and nearly purred her delight.

Long fingers caressed her hips before she felt herself being turned onto her stomach. "Spike?"

"Relax, luv." The vampire smirked at her unease. "Its nothin like that. I just want to see your back is all."

Willow willed herself to calm down, and felt Spikes fingers caressing the soles of her feet. She let the tension ease from her muscles as his talented hands worked the knots in her feet and legs into submission. If it werent for the cool sheets resting against the most intimate parts of her body, she would have forgotten she was naked with an equally naked Spike touching her.

She groaned in half disappointment, half pleasure, when Spikes fingers left her foot to trail up and down her right leg as his lips caressed her ankle. Lips and tongue traced over her calf to torment the responsive skin at the back of her knee. Higher his lips moved, barely pressing against her at all until his tongue skimmed along the crease where cheek met thigh, skipped the wet juncture between her thighs, and ran along the identical crease of her left leg. After that, the torturous trek began anew, though this time in reverse.

Willow was writhing in pleasure as Spikes tongue caressed the fragile bones of her left ankle. Long, deceptively delicate fingers had never stopped their teasing movements over her skin. Now, as Spike moved to explore the curve of her spine with eyes, and lips, and tongue, the fingers of his right hand slid to bask in the moist heat waiting for him.

"You still with me, pet?" Spike nipped softly at the conch of her ear as a single finger drew a slow circle around her clit. His only answer was a soft whimper and the bucking of her hips.

The whimper turned into a gasp a moment later when Spike repositioned his hands. His right arm now rested under Willow on the bed, fingers caressing her clit. Two fingers of his left hand now slid to rest inside Willows grasping channel. "Oh, Spike."

"Let go, Red. Ive got ya."

"No, I want...mmm... want you in me when I come." Willow looked through the sweat-slicked curls of her hair at her tormentor. "*Please* Spike!"

At her please, Spike removed his hands and flipped her onto her back. He grasped her thighs to draw them apart and pull her off the mattress. Sitting up on his knees, Spike pulled her hard against him, impaling her on his hard shaft. Willows response was immediate.

Her hands wrapped themselves in the sheets. Her back arched at an impossible angle. Her legs, still in Spikes hands, tensed until he could barely hold them. The velvet surrounding Spikes cock gripped him so tightly that he had to bite his lip and force himself not to come. Willows world became fuzzy, and she screamed his name again and again as the pleasure finally broke over her body in a tidal wave of sensation.

For how long she rode the effects of her climax, Willow did not know. When she became aware of the world again, she was sitting astride Spikes lap, his member still impossibly hard and buried inside her. "Oh, goddess, Spike. I dont think I can move."

"Wouldnt have it any other way, pet. Just lean your head on my shoulder and let me take care of you." Willow could only nod as Spikes hips began a slow motion that brought a soft stirring to Willows abdomen.

As he gently rocked, the now familiar cord deep within her began to coil once more. A hand slid between their bodies to caress and fondle her breast, and the coil tightened. Spikes head nudged hers up to meet him in a deep kiss, and the coil tightened.

Willow rested against Spikes body, feeling his body rub hers in all the right places as she felt him tremor in his need for her. Moving a hand to caress the back of his neck, she pulled his face to her pulse point.

"Drink me, Spike. Make me yours." As she felt the sharp, loving caress of fangs, Willow felt the coil release in a soft climax that seemed to welcome and embrace the harsh spasms of the body below hers.

Spikes muffled growl against her throat as he came told Willow all she needed to know, and she answered in kind...

"I love you, too, Spike."

Chapter 28

Willow blinked slowly into the mirky light of the bedroom.

If the satin sheet sliding over her nude form and the decidedly wonderful ache between her legs had failed to remind her of her activities the night before, then the pale, muscled arm wrapped protectively around her waist would have. As it was, Willow could recall, in detail, the first three times she and Spike had worked each other to completion. After that, things got fuzzy.

She seemed to remember being woken up twice in the night by Spikes wonderful hands gliding over her flesh. He had taken her slowly both times, whispering into her ear all the things that he wanted to do, the places they would go, together. The second time they had come together this way, Willow had openly wept at the feelings Spikes body and words conjured. Spike had held her tightly and renewed his claim on her as she chanted her love for him in a mantra. Spike had told her that he loved her, cherished her, in a choked voice that Willow soon discovered accompanied tears of his own.

Now, after the hours of love making, Willow was driven by another basic human need. She was hungry.

"Spike." Willow twisted in his grasp to kiss his lips softly. "I have to get up."

"No. Go sleep." His eyes hadnt opened, and Willow could tell by the frown lines between them that the vampire was still firmly cradled in the arms of Nod.

"I need a shower and something to eat. Just let up on the hold, and Ill let you go back to sleep."

Spikes arm slid from around her waist to rest on a slightly bruised hip. "Love you, Red."

"Love you too. Ill see you after you get some sleep." Willow kissed him gently, loving the soft smile and contented sigh that was her response.

The bathroom was decorated in a deep cream and navy blue tile. All of the accents were done in silver, making Willow smile. While most people preferred gold faucets, Willow had always liked the softer look of silver in the harsh florescent lighting. A full mirror was mounted on the back of the door, giving a Willow a full view when she gasped in shock.

The glittering sheen that had covered her body was gone. In its place was skin that would rival even the pale perfection of Spike, reminding her of Vamp Willow. Gone, too, were the pale pink vining tribal designs that had slithered over her legs, arms, and sides.

Instead, bands in the colors of flames circled her body. Four rings graced her long legs at ankles, calves, above the knee, and high on her thighs. Similarly, four bands adorned her arms. Another graced the base of her shapely neck, sitting just above where it joined her shoulders and coming to rest in a point at the hollow of her throat.

The lines at her thighs and biceps had been worked to resemble flames licking at her skin. They were all perfectly formed rings. Oranges, reds, and yellows shimmered and seemed to change with the way the light caressed them. Only one circlet of the flame-colored markings looked ill-formed.

A band roughly three inches in width ran along the line of her waist. Its coloring was perfect, yet the effect was lumpy both on top and along the bottom. It wasnt until she moved closer to her reflection that she came to realize that the band wasnt imperfect at all. It was, in fact, one of the most breathtaking changes she had undergone.

The band wasnt made up of a single, lumpy line at all! It was, in fact, a line of people made out of flame. It took a moment, but the redhead finally recalled seeing creatures like it in Fantasia, in the palms of the winged creature that sat on top of a mountain. The small people now emblazoned on her skin had the same look to them.

Their forms were made of flame with gossamer-esque wings fluttering around them. They sat, danced, leapt, and lay to form the band that rode the line of her waist, slid over her hips, and dipped far below her navel. Willow blushed as she realized the placing of the lowest fire person put the toe of its pointed foot a hairs breath above her slit.

"Okay, thats a me and Spike only fairy." Willow giggled to herself and slowly turned to get the full effect of her new coloring. "Im not glimmer girl anymore, but now Im *really* pale. Good thing I always put sun block on, Id hate to see what might happen if I got burned."

Shaking her head, Willow took a quick shower. It might not have been so quick if Willow hadnt found out, the hard way, that the hot water didnt last for more than ten minutes. After drying and dressing, choosing a pair of her favorite jeans to accompany the backless halter in case Giles and Wesley wanted to document her newest change in colors, Willow made her way quietly past Spike and out the door.

"Hello?" Willow had come down the stairs fully expecting everyone else to be working or milling about. She was at least expecting Wesley to be sitting at the table with his books, or Cordelia lounging behind her desk doing her nails. The quiet of the lobby surrounded her, making her feel almost lonely.

"Geez, Ive been down here for thirty seconds and feel lonely? All work and no play makes Willow a dull girl." Willow giggled at her own misquote and chanced a look at her watch. "No wonder no one else is here yet! Its six oclock!"

After a little exploring, Willow found the kitchen at the back of the ground floor. She was happy to see that it was neat and clean, though the obviously new appliances looked unused. A quick perusal of the refrigerator, which held precisely three carrots and a bottle of water, told Willow that the usual occupants of the hotel didnt do a whole lot of kitchen work.

Willow managed to pilfer the keys to Giles car from the sleeping ex watchers pocket and make a quick run to the store. It was made even more quick because she knew what everyone in her group did or didnt like to eat. She had wanted to make sure she had enough to last, not even wanting to imagine what the delivery bills would be if the members of both groups ate take out, so she made a point of getting two or three times the amount of some of their common favorites. One hour and three shopping carts full later, Willow mentally transported herself, something she privately referred to as glitching, from the garage at Angel Investigations and into its kitchen with her purchases.

It didnt take long for Willow to put everything away, loving the Mary Poppins thing more and more each time a new bag opened to something she would have had to move back and forth to put in its rightful place, and she was soon in front of the stove with an obviously unused apron tied over her clothes and butter simmering in the skillet.

"Somethin smells good!" A good natured voice boomed from the doors that Willow had propped open to give her a better chance of hearing someone come into the lobby. "Whats up?"

"Hey Gunn." Willow grinned back at the good looking man. "Ive got bacon on and pancakes ready to start. Ill let you have first crack at the bacon if you scramble the eggs for me."

"You, pretty lady, have yourself a deal." Gunn opened the door to the refrigerator and whistled in appreciation. "Someone went to the store."

"Can you imagine what it would cost to feed..." Willow broke off to count in her head. "Ten or eleven people on take out every time someone wanted to eat? Besides, we have a Xander in the house. Well need to go shopping again in two or three days, tops."

"He like to eat that much?" Gunn had retrieved the eggs and began breaking them into a large mixing bowl. "How many?"

"Xander likes his sugar, and eating is his coping mechanism. When you live on the hellmouth, you *need* coping mechanisms." Willow glanced from her full griddle to the six eggs resting in the bowl on the counter. "Just do a whole dozen. Someone will eat them, Im sure."

"How we wakin everybody up?" Gunn grabbed a fork from the surprisingly stocked drawer.

"Xander will smell the food and wake Anya up. Giles is probably already awake, but staying in his room so as not to disturb anyone. I think I just heard either Wesley or Cordelia come in. The rest well just give a shout at if they arent here when breakfast is ready."

Willows ears had not deceived her, and Wesley poked his head through the door just as she finished speaking. "Hello Willow. I do believe this is the first time the kitchen proper has been used to actually cook in."

"Hi Wesley." Willow smiled her good morning and nodded toward the stairs. "This is about done. Could you see if Angel or Spike is awake and tell Giles he wont wake anyone up if he came out now?"

"Of course." Wesley had a spring in his step as he left to do her bidding.

Willow heard him call out a friendly hello to Cordelia, and turned to hand two full platters of pancakes to Gunn. "Go ahead and put these on the table and help yourself."

Gunn carried the large plates over to the long table sitting in the center of the room. Willow had already set out places for everyone as she was putting away the groceries, so he picked a seat at the head of one side and made himself comfortable as Willow floated three heaping plates of bacon to rest along the tables length.

"Hey Wills, what smells so good?" Xander and Anya were the first to walk through the door.

"Weve got pancakes, eggs, bacon," Willow slid two baking sheets from the oven as the timer went off as planned. "And there are biscuits."

Cordelia, Giles, and Fred nearly skipped into the room, while Lorne, looking barely awake and rubbing at tired eyes, trudged in behind them. Angel and Wesley made their entrance just as they were sitting down, and Spike swung into the room soon after.

"Mornin luv." Spike slid his arms around Willows waist as she stood buttering the hot biscuits. Nuzzling her playfully, he placed a soft kiss on his claim and moved to the refrigerator. "What do we need on the table?"

"Um, syrup and honey from there. We need the salt, pepper, butter, coffee, and tea from the counter. Im just putting the biscuits on some plates." Willow watched as Spike, aided by the fact that nothing had been opened, managed to carry everything in just two trips.

Floating two mugs of blood fresh from the microwave in front of her, Willow carried the two plates to the table. "Why arent you eating?"

"It would be rude not to let you fill your plate before we dig in." Wesley chanced a glare at Xander, who visibly winced.

"Thank you." Willow quickly took a seat between Spike and Fred and filled her plate with enough food to feed three regular Willows.

"Hungry much?" Cordelia raised an eyebrow at Willows heaping plates.

"Im using a lot of energy on magic right now."

"Plus she has a lot of orgasms to recover from." Startled laughs, blushes, and coughs responded to Anyas frank observation.

"Aaaaan!" Xander gave a long suffering groan.

Anya looked at her boyfriend, blatantly puzzled. "What? Its not like we all decided to sleep on the other side of the hotel for no reason." Turning to face Willow across the table, the ex demon added. "Was it as good as it sounded? As good as you hoped?"

Willow chanced a glance at Spike, who had paused with his biscuit halfway to his mouth after dunking it in the mug of blood, and who was now watching her with raised eyebrows. "Better."


"I passed out..." Willow leaned forward as if telling a secret. "Twice."

"Wow." Cordelia, Anya, and Fred breathed the word in unison before the four females at the table dissolved into giggles.

After the meal had been eaten, and Willow thanked many times over for the wonderful start to the day, Giles appointed Xander, himself, and Angel as dishwashers. Gunn was let off the hook, as he had helped Willow. When Xander looked as if he were going to complain again, Anya had informed him that, as Willow had just gotten together with Spike and theyd had their first time together, it was time for girl talk. After that, Xander sent them out into the lobby, as the men found reasons to stay in the kitchen.

Willow was just explaining what it was like when Spike first kissed her all those weeks ago when the telephone rang and Cordelia told her to wait while she answered it.

"Angel Investigations. We help the helpless." There was a pause in Cordelias end of the conversation before her eyes went wide and she mouthed Wesley and pointed toward the back. "Yes, well except the call."

Willow made it back the long hallway and into the kitchen where the dishes were nearly finished and Spike was winning what appeared to be another in a long line of poker matches. "Wesley, phone. I think its important. Cordys being polite."

Wesley nearly skidded down the hallway, followed closely by the others, to take the phone from Cordelias carefully cradling fingers. "Wesley Windham-Price here."

Willow refused to listen to Wesleys end of the conversation, no matter how much she wanted to hope that it was about her. Instead, she went about tidying the stacks of books sitting on the table and surrounding it on the floor. It wouldnt do for her to eavesdrop and learn only that there was nothing to learn.

"Willow?" Wesleys voice seemed loud in the silence of the lobby, and Willow suddenly wondered what she had missed.

"Im sorry, what?"

"That was MaKai, shes a MaMae demon from New Zealand. She and her mate, DraMae, knew Deacon, apparently the demon whom you encountered, a long time ago. They have a friend whos willing to fly them here, but it will take until at least Monday night or early Tuesday for them to get here."

"Theyll be able to help me?"

"They say theres no cure, that youve turned *into* something and not been infected, but theyll be able to shed some light on what you can be expecting."

"Do we know if these people, demons, are telling the truth?" Spike had moved to stand by Willows slightly shaking form, slipping an arm about her waist. "Ive never met any of these MaMae things."

"I have met two MaMae demons." Giles smiled at Willow. "They are fiercely loyal, fall in love and stay that way for their entire life, and are not capable of telling lies."

"Oh." Willow nodded to herself and brightened. "Good then. That will give me time to get back from my tests."

Spike spun Willow to face him amid the uproar her announcement had created. "From your what?"

"My tests. The exams Ill be taking tomorrow morning."

"Like hell you will!"

Willow pushed herself out of Spikes arms. "The hell I *wont*! Ill leave here at six in the morning so that I can be there before my ten oclock exam. Ill leave after the test I have at two, it should be over by three or three thirty, and be back here before supper time."

"I wont-" Spike seemed to rethink his words, clenching his jaw and forcing words out between gritted teeth. "I dont want you meeting up against that slayer and not having me with you."

"I can get away from her, Spike. I wont go anywhere but straight to campus and straight home. Ill even eat lunch in the student union and stay out in the open around lots of people. She wont attack me if there are people around, its too risky even for her."

"I worry is all, pet."

"I know, and I love you for it, but Im going. Taking anyone else would only make me slower if something were to happen. I wouldnt glitch only myself away, and that would make me too weak."

"Glitch?" Giles spoke from his place beside Wesley at the table amid the newly straightened books.

"When I transport myself, or Buffy that once, from one spot to another."

"No one told me about transporting!" Indignation and happiness warred for dominance on Anyas face before the happiness won out. "Thats so great, Willow! That sort of thing can really come in handy."

"It just makes me really tired if I try to do it more than once or with someone else." Willow turned to Spike. "See? If she tries anything, I can get away. You *know* I wouldnt even think about getting away alone if she grabbed someone else!"

Spike nodded and brought her into the circle of his arms as the phone rang in the background.

"Ahem, Willow?" Freds southern drawl, usually sounding so upbeat and perky, had a worried edge to it that was mirrored in her wide brown eyes when Willow pulled away from Spike to look at her.

"Yeah, Fred?"

"Its a girl named Dawn." The tone of her voice nearly made it a question. "She says she needs to talk to you or Spike. Something about that Buffy girl scaring her."

Chapter 29

"Hello?" Willow was speaking before the phone was even to her ear. "Dawn?"

"Oh, thank God." The tremble in the younger girls voice caused Willows breath to catch. "I was hoping thats where you guys ended up."

"Sorry about just leaving like that." Willow knew Dawn had to have tried everyones phones before moving on to Angels. "Things got bad with Buffy, and we all needed to make an exit without her really knowing where we went."

Dawn snorted before the sarcasm found its way out. "I dont think Angels is all that secret of a place to hide out."

Willow smacked at Spikes hands as he attempted to trace the line of little people around her waist with tickling fingers. "Yeah, I get that. I was using it more as a place to stay until after my finals tomorrow."

"Got room for one more?"

"Why?" Willow held her arms out so that Wesley and Giles could look at the bands and make notes about them. "Whats Buffy done?"

"Nothing, really," Dawn sighed, and Willow knew that the younger girl was running a hand through her hair in frustration. "I just get this feeling that something isnt right."

"Just a sec, Dawnie." Willow held the receiver tightly against her chest and smacked at Spikes hands that had found their way to the button of her pants. "Stop it!"

"The Watchers want to see the rest of this band."

Willow brought her lips to Spikes ear. "The lowest point of the band youre wanting everyone to see ends just above a very... personal spot that Im not letting anyone close to but you. Unless you dont *want* to be close to anything under my pants?"

"Right then, shows over!" Spike pushed Willow away from his body slightly and turned to face the rest of the room. "Ill see the rest of it later and let you guys know what it looks like."

"We really *should* get a look at it, Spike." Giles, obviously not understanding the protectiveness in the vampire, objected from his seat.

"Only one seeing the whole thing is me, Watcher." Spike raised an eyebrow at Angel when the older vampire would have spoken, silently letting his sire know that it wasnt something he was going to let up on. "Tell you what. Ill draw some pictures for you."

"You draw?" Willow had moved the phone back to her ear, and spoke with her hand over the mouthpiece.

"Spent a few years with the Poof before he became the Poof, didnt I?"

"Angelus taught you to draw?"

"Hes not as good as I am," Angel spoke from his position at the counter. "But, hes better than most."


"Sorry, Dawn, people are being weird here." Willow turned her back to the rest of the lobby and spoke quietly into the phone. "Giles is going to have kittens, but Ill come and get you tomorrow."

The younger girl sighed. "That long?"

"Ive got to wake up and be ready to leave here at six in the morning, Dawn."

"Im sorry Im being such a wuss, but something isnt right."

"Tell me."

"Buffys gone all the time now. She hardly ever makes it home before I go to bed, and I know she isnt working anymore. I dont know where she goes or what she does. I dont think shes even patrolling anymore!"

Willow sighed and thought through what Dawn had said and what had been left unsaid. /Buffy isnt staying at home at all really. Dawns pretty much been left to fend for herself. If Dawnie knows Buffy isnt working, then shes skipped school and Buffy never even noticed./

"What else is going on?"

"Ive seen her twice in the last three days. Both times shes been... different. Its like shes Buffy, but shes not." Dawns sigh nearly broke Willows heart. "Shes giving me the total wiggins, Willow. Im scared, and I dont know what to do."

"Dawnie?" Willow turned to face Xander as she spoke, letting him know with her eyes and a nod of her head that she was talking to him as well.


"Xander and Anya are coming to get you." Anyas eyebrows lifted, but she said nothing as she went to retrieve the keys to Giles car from Willows hand. "Theyll be there in a little over an hour."

"Thank you." Willow could hear the relief in the teenagers voice.

"Pack what you would to go to a friends and tell Buffy youre going to be gone for a few days. Use the key we gave you to get in. Just wait for them there."

"Ill have to leave her a note, but Ill be there."

"Well see you soon, then."

Hanging up, Willow faced the curious faces of her friends, and Giles irritated gaze. "Dont look at me like that. Buffy hasnt been home in days, and Dawns scared."

"When did you get my car keys?"

"This morning, when I realized there was no food in the house." Turning to Xander and Anya, Willow grinned. "Shell be at your apartment."

Waving their goodbyes, the two made their way through the back of the hotel to the garage.

"I really dont think this is wise." Giles spoke, but Wesley nodded his agreement. Angel and Fred both looked as if they were about to add their objections as well.

"Giles, she isnt going to work anymore. Dawn would have had to skip school to know that, and Buffy never noticed that one either. She isnt even patrolling.

"Dawns seen her twice in the last three days. Twice! Both times, something has been off about her. She says its like Buffy isnt herself anymore."

"Isnt that the reason for our little shindig?" Lorne, now looking much more awake and carefree after getting some breakfast and nearly two full pots of coffee into his system, asked from his place beside Willow. "Youre all here because the slayer isnt herself anymore."

The room went quiet at that. Everyone stood looking at each other with wide eyes before Willow nodded slightly and turned to the green demon.

"Thank you, Lorne. Now, Im going to go and get some studying done before they get here. I know how Dawnie is, and there will be no staying in tonight once she realizes that shes in LA."

"Ill help, pet." Spike bounded up the stairs after her.

Willow blushed slightly and stole glances at the blonde vampire as they entered their room. "The only thing you want to study is the rest of that new band."

Spike only grinned as he held the door to their rooms open for her to pass. "Wont you come into my parlor?"

Willow found herself laughing at the vampires antics, knowing that if all spiders were as attractive as Spike, then no fly would stand a chance.

* * * * *

Willow had gotten through her notes, happy that she had been going over the material whenever she could for the last few weeks. The dates and names came easily enough, but breaking down the impact of different works of literature on the societies that they were introduced into took a bit longer. Some of the works had the same effect on the readers, but they appeared at different times. She found it all really very fascinating.

Of course, studying for an exam was made slightly more difficult than usual by Spikes insistence that she stay in one position as he drew. Lying on her back with pillows piled on the bed behind her, jeans unfastened and rolled down to reveal the figures adorning her lower abdomen, Willow knew it wouldnt be long before Spike grew tired of studying her without touching, so she wasnt really surprised when Spike sighed heavily and slipped her notes from her hand before kissing her deeply and settling himself over her body comfortably.

"Bored?" Willow quirked an eyebrow up at her lover when he let her break away for some air.

"Just decided that the watchers have enough drawings of you. I keep drawing, and the pictures are going to stay between us."

Willows response was cut off as a questing hand slid under her jeans to encounter the slightly dewy small thatch of curls. "Spike!"

"I have some work to do then." Spike purred into her throat and his tongue slid over the twin holes of his mark. His hands blindly reached for, and untied, the straps holding her top in place as he nipped along her collarbone and shoulders.

Willow gave a breathy sigh and arched into the feel of his mouth on her skin. The movement caused her top to slip to the side, allowing Spike to pull it out of his way and drop it to the floor.

"Youre so bloody beautiful, Red." The words were whispered against the flesh leading from her throat to the valley between her small, pert breasts. Spike cradled her back, holding her slightly off the bed as he feasted on first one soft mound of flesh, then the other.

Willow grasped the sheet below her with one hand and wrapped the other in the soft curls of Spikes hair. With hiccupping gasp, she pulled Spike up for a deep kiss before wrapping her legs around his waist. A few seconds, and a steadying breath later, Spike found himself looking up into laughing green eyes.


"Shhhh," Willow nibbled over Spikes lower lip and trailed her right hand down his chest to untuck the tight black shirt he habitually wore. "Im playing."

"Right you are, luv." Spikes head dropped back on the pillow as Willow moved down to trail kisses around his navel and over the chiseled abdomen shed uncovered.

Spreading her hands over Spikes slightly cool skin, Willow let her long fingers slide up his shirt, under his arms, to grasp his back and shoulders. Placing open-mouthed kisses over his ribs, she lingered over the slight hollow made where his sternum ended. Touching the tip of her nose to his flesh, Willow inhaled the scent of him, letting it slide through her body and wrap around her bones in a lasting caress.

"I love you, Spike." Willow spoke with her eyes shut, giving a squeak of surprise when she suddenly found herself flat on her back, grinning up at Spike.

His cerulean eyes shone as he looked over her face before meeting her gaze. "I love you too, Willow. I dont know how it happened, cant tell you when, but I do."

Willow once again used her legs as leverage and switched their positions. "I wasnt finished playing."

Spike only chuckled and sat up to help her remove the shirt she had previously moved. "Sorry, pet, didnt know I was interrupting playtime."

Willow chuckled and pushed him flat on his back just as her teeth closed on his left nipple. His gasp of pleasure built her confidence, and she began teasing both of them in earnest. She only moved away from her exploring when Spike grasped under her arms and pulled her up for another toe curling kiss.

Giggling, Willow pushed against his chest to sit straddling his waist. She had figured out sometime in the last day that she could keep from becoming too shy by focusing her eyes on Spikes face when he looked at her. The looks of awe and love that alternated in his eyes made her feel as if she were the most perfect woman on earth.

So, keeping her eyes locked with Spikes, Willow moved her hands to the chopsticks holding her hair in place. Pulling them free, she smiled at the unhindered happiness that lit up her lovers face as the multitude of curls slid down over her neck, chest, and back. Even the weight of the fiery tresses against her skin felt like a soft caress as Spike combed through them before rolling them once again.

Willow suddenly found herself unsure as she gazed up at the man she loved. She knew that he meant what he had said, that he really did love her, because she had seen it in his eyes. But, on some level, she was still the shy bookworm who could only make vowel sounds around guys she liked.


Her words obviously broke some spell that had settled over the blonde, and he shook his head slightly before meeting her eyes. "Yeah, luv?"

"Love me?"

Spike groaned and slid down her body till his nose was even with the curve of her waist. "With all my bleedin heart."

A tear slid from the corner of her eye at his words, seeping into the hair resting at her temple as she pressed the side of her face into the pillow. A gasp spilled from her throat as Spike peeled the now soaked material of her jeans and panties down her legs and off. She giggled at the disgusted face her made at her Funshine Bear socks before removing them and throwing them onto the growing pile of clothes.

Spike ran his tongue over the silky skin of her inner thighs. Willow stopped him as he was moving towards her slit, and brought him up for another heated kiss.

"My turn." The words were whispered against Spikes lips as she gently moved him to rest on the bed.

Willow slid down the bed to straddle his legs at the knees, reaching behind her to remove his socks before unbuttoning the black denim. She buried her nose in the spray of crinkly hair she revealed there, letting the scent of him wrap around her again. "Goddess, I love the way you smell."

Pulling herself upright once again, Willow slid off the end of the bed to remove Spikes jeans and toss them on top of her Care Bear socks before crawling slowly back up his body. She came to rest at the apex of his thighs, licking experimentally at the weeping head of his cock.

Spikes head whipped back in an arc, and his hands wrapped themselves in her hair. "Christ! Red!"

Willow pulled away as far as Spikes tense arms would allow. "Im sorry."

Spike removed his hands from her curls and petted them back in place as he tried to bring her up to his eye level. When she refused to budge, he settled for locking his eyes on hers and raising a questioning brow. "What are you apologizing for?"

"I...I want to." Willow fought the blush she knew was sliding over her already heated skin and looked away from Spike.

"Im not goin to make you do anything, Red. You dont have to do anything you dont want."

Willow had found herself looking at Spikes still erect staff, and had to force her eyes back to his in order to think. "No, I want to do it. Im just scared."

"Scared of what?" Spike succeeded in pulling her up to rest on his chest. "Ill not think less of you either way, if thats it. Some chits think it makes them subservient to the man, but, let me tell ya, I doubt theres ever a time when a woman could be more in control than when shes got a mans dangly parts in her mouth."

Willow giggled, and Spike pressed on. "If you find you dont like the taste or feel, you can just stop and well make a note not to go there again."

Willow drew back to look Spike in the face. "Im not afraid of any of that."

"Then what, pet?"

"Im afraid..." Willow sighed in annoyance. "Im afraid I wont be any good at it."

Spikes bark of laughter and all out grin caused her to smile in return. "Not even a possibility, Willow."

Spike chuckled again, only to stop when Willow disappeared from his side, only to reappear with her lips suddenly surrounding the tip of his slightly flagging hard on. The resurgence of Spikes erection only spurred her on, and she slowly worked more of the velvety flesh into her mouth. She rose up, letting her tongue caress the underside of his shaft as she went.

Spike wrapped his hands in the sheet, only to start when the presence of her mouth on him was removed. He looked down to see her grinning up at him as she guided his fingers back to her hair, only returning to her oral exploration when they were back to caressing her scalp.

Willow alternated the suction and the rhythm of her movements as she got used to Spikes thickness. There was a slight moment of panic when her gag reflexes kicked in, but Willow managed to ease herself into pulling him fully down her throat. Deciding to try something she had once read, Willow swallowed.

There was a husky growl and a dizzying spin before Willow found herself below the amber-eyed embodiment of Spikes demon. Both hands were clasped in his above her head, and she could feel his hands to his elbows resting against hers. Licking her slightly dried lips, Willow moaned in contentment when Spikes lips and tongue joined her own.

The ridges on his forehead rubbed against the column of her neck as he nuzzled the mark branding her as his own. The sensation thrummed down her spine, and Willow slid her long legs to rest around Spikes swaying waist. Amber eyes met green as the vampire slid home, and Willow fought to keep her eyes open and focused on his as an orgasm rocked through her body.

He worked her through the waves of pleasure at an almost leisurely pace before slowly building the intensity of his thrusts. By the time he was thrusting into her at the inhuman rate shed already grown to expect, Willow was cresting for a third time. Somehow, though they wracked her body with pleasure, they lacked something that Willow wanted.

Seeing the way that Spikes eyes had begun caressing the side of her neck, Willow realized what was missing. She arched her neck towards her love in invitation just as the fingers of one hand made their way to caress, pinch, and fondle her clit. "Oh, Spike! I... mmmm... Im coming. Want you... with me."

Razor fangs sunk into the healing wound at her throat just as her climax bowed her off the bed, and Willow found the world becoming fuzzy around the edges before bright spots exploded and chased it into darkness.

Chapter 30

The world swam slowly back into focus, and Willow smiled when her gaze centered on Spikes worried blue eyes. His not-found-in-nature blonde hair fell in waves over his forehead, barely reaching his eyes. Willow smiled softly and smoothed it back.

"Your roots are starting to show." The soft words rasped out of her dried throat, and Willow grimaced at the sound.

"You scared the hell out of me, and now you want to exchange grooming advice?" Spike nearly squeaked in his indignance, and Willow chuckled to herself.

"Actually, I want to get a drink and a shower, in that order, and before Xander and Anya get back with Dawn."

"Yeah, cant go see Nibblet and show her a night on the town looking like we just rolled out of bed."

"Let me up, then." Willow slowly pushed herself off the mattress, only to be pushed back down before she could make it to her feet.

"How bout we have the others show her around, and *we*," Spike motioned to himself and Willow, "stay in."

Willow groaned as her body responded readily to the vampires smirk and wandering hands before she pressed Spike off of her until she sat facing him on the bed. "How about we go and take a shower together?"

Both of the blondes eyebrows shot up at the suggestion, and Spike was suddenly standing by the bed. Slipping one arm under her legs and another behind her back, Spike picked her up and carried her into the spacious bathroom. "I think a bath is in order."

Willow hadnt really taken notice of the size of the tub when she had used the more modern stand up shower that morning, though she was certainly seeing it now! One of those old fashioned claw-footed affairs with deep sides and edges that curled under stood in the corner. A metal basket of various soaps and shampoos rested on the floor beside the cream colored porcelain. Next to the toiletries on the floor was a mounded heap of black and red clothes, and Willow found herself smirking at Spike as he went about filling the tub with steaming water.

"What?" Spike quirked a scarred brow before noticing Willows pointed look at his discarded clothing. "A bloke cant enjoy a nice soak now and again?"

Giggling, Willow shook her head. "I just cant picture you in a bubble bath, is all."

"I only soak and read." Spike opened a small cabinet set into the wall, retrieved some towels, and then moved to the bottles that lined a shelf beside the vanity. "You want bubbles, pet?"

"Yes, please." Willow was trying to keep her mind focused on anything other than the fact that she was naked or the delicious as sin picture Spike made as he moved about without being the least bit insecure.

"Vanilla, raspberry, or rose?"

"You pick, Spike." Willow blushed and began picking at her nails. "I want you to like the way I smell."

"Already do, luv." Spike plucked a bottle from the shelf and emptied a more than healthy amount under the running water. Turning back to Willow, he sunk a hand into her curls and brought his forehead to rest against hers. "You smell like me."

"Huh?" Willow was well aware of it not being the worlds most intelligent rejoinder, but was really too confused to care.

"Not in a bad, need to shower way." Spike sighed and ran a hand through his now curling hair and placed Willow in the tub, now overflowing with bubbles, before turning off the flow of water and settling in behind her slowly relaxing frame.

"Do you know what that bite on your neck means, pet?"

Willow moved her head to one side of his chest so she could crane her neck up at him. "I read once, in Giles watcher diaries, about a claiming bite. Is that what it is?"

"That it is, pet." Spike grabbed a washcloth and began lathering it with a raspberry scented soap. "Ive claimed you. Youre mine."

Willow groaned as Spikes skilled hands worked the cloth along one arm, from fingers to shoulder and back again. "What am I to you, Spike?"

The cloth disappeared, and Spikes puzzled face was suddenly in view. "Whats *that* supposed to mean?"

"Am I your girlfriend, or what?" Willow knew she sounded insecure, but thought she could live with it since that was how she felt. "I really dont understand it."

Spike only nodded before returning to the task of washing the alabaster skin before him. It was nearly ten minutes before he finished with her hands, arms, and back. Soaking the cloth in the rich-smelling water, Spike once again lathered it with the soap.

"I love you Willow," Spike shushed her reply with a soft kiss as he ran the cloth beneath the water to caress the flat plain of her stomach and the softly throbbing places farther down. "Since the claim was made out of love, it means we are one." Spike grazed the line of her jaw with a kiss. "Mated." Another kiss placed just behind her ear. "Always."

The last was whispered over the puncture marks of his claim, and Willow found herself arching up to meet the kiss that was placed against them. "Always?"

"Im forever, Willow, and there are ways of making you that way too without the loss of the soul that were both so fond of."

As he spoke, Spikes long fingers had abandoned the washcloth in favor of caressing her skin themselves, and Willow found it hard to concentrate on his words. Planting her feet, the redhead rolled her head back to rest on the strong shoulder behind her as she lifted up to meet the thumb that flitted over her clit in teasing flicks. "Mmmm, Spike."

"Like that, pet?"

"S nice." Willow tried to push against his hand, only to groan when it was removed. "Spike?"

"Turn around." The command was whispered against her ear, and Willow groaned at the loss of contact as she obeyed.

Once she was facing him, Spike sunk further down and pulled her to straddle his hips. Looking into her eyes the entire time, Spike positioned her over his erection and slid home.

Gasping, Willow fought to keep her eyes open and focused on those of her lover as her back tried to arch in pleasure. Licking parched lips, she moved to rotate her hips, only to be stopped by Spikes hands and a small shake of his head.

"Just stay there, Red." Spike slipped his arms under each of her knees, successfully lifting them off the bottom of the tub and giving her a new angle to enjoy.

Willow moaned in pleasure when the new position brought her aching nub in contact with Spikes body. The feel of him stretching her channel coupled with the pressure on her clit was just enough to drive her to distraction, but not nearly enough to send her over the edge. Finding that Spikes arms under her legs restrained her from doing anything to alleviate that slowly building ache, Willow groaned in frustration.

Spike chuckled. "Trust me, pet."

Willow nodded and kissed him fiercely, more to be doing *something* other that concentrating on the now undeniable ache of the tightened coil in her abdomen and desperation for contact than anything else. Spike happily accepted her kisses, but was careful to keep his arms steady under her knees.

Just when she thought that she was going to have to get away from Spike and do something about it on her own, Spikes arms moved her legs once again. Willow barely had time to register the sharp stab of his bone against her clit before her back bowed slightly and pleasure washed softly over her once again. Her eyes never left the ice blue depths of Spikes, and she felt him shudder slightly in his climax.

"I love you." The breathy voice that issued from her throat surprised her.

Spike groaned and brought her to rest against his chest. "Love you, too."

* * * * * * *

Spike and Willow were just walking down the stairs to the lobby, Willow on legs that were decidedly less than firm. They had let the water out of the tub and moved to the shower to rinse the bubbles and evidence of their lovemaking away. Spike had taken great pleasure in washing, conditioning, and combing Willows hair, spending nearly half an hour twisting and pinning the curls into an intricate style after shed dressed.

Willow fingered one of the twisting curls that had been left to cascade over her back and shoulders. "You *do* realize that women havent been doing their hair like this for a hundred years, right?"

"Bleedin shame, that." Spikes smile froze just before he cocked his head to the side and listened to something Willow couldnt hear. "Bits here."

A moment later Dawn, Anya, and Xander came through the doorway from the garage. "Willow! Oh my God, I *love* your hair!"

"Hey Dawn." Willow hurried down the rest of the stairs and enveloped the younger girl in a tight hug. "Spike fixed it for me."

The hug had given the Dawn a close up view of the twin holes bored deep into the redheads neck. "Im guessing that you and Spike are a couple now?"

"Always knew you were a smart bird." Spike slid a cigarette between his lips and lit up as he spoke. "Have any troubles gettin away?"

Dawn opened her mouth to answer, but stopped short as her gaze landed on something behind Spikes shoulder. "Do you guys know theres a green guy in a bright blue suit standing by Angel?"

"Oh!" Willow silently berated herself for the glaring etiquette mistake and lead Dawn over to the rest of the Angel Investigations team. "You know Angel, Cordelia, and Wesley. This is Charles Gunn."

"Gunn," The handsome young man shook Dawns hand and smiled winningly. "Everyone calls me Gunn but Fred."

"That would be me." The perky Texan smiled and shrugged her shoulders in her shy way. "Its short for Winifred."

"And this is Lorne."

"Hey, Sugarkins." Lorne pulled the much smaller girl in for a hug that she barely managed to return before hed pushed her back to get a better look at her. "Youll have to give me a song sometime, but its almost dusk, and youre not going out dressed like that."

Dawn looked down at her jeans and t-shirt before looking at Willow questioningly.

"Lorne can tell things about people and their futures when they sing." Willow smiled indulgently. "I just figured you would want to go out, thats why he asked about your clothes."

"Id *love* to go out, but I only packed a few things, and nothing fancy." Dawn looked over the other peoples outfits with growing unease. "Its not like I was going to Bronze it on a school night, after all."

Gunn gave Dawn a rather blatant once over. "I think youre pretty enough without getting dressed up."

Spikes growl of warning was echoed by Angels. "I can deal with the headache long enough to rip out that throat."

"Sorry," Gunn threw up his hands in a defensive gesture. "Didnt mean anything by it."

Willow shook her head at the territorial game the men were playing before kissing Spike and pulling Dawn up the stairs after Cordelia, Anya, and a reluctant Fred. She hadnt gotten to the stairs before Wesleys voice reached her ears.

"Willow looks rather pretty tonight."

"And shes all mine, mate," Spikes voice had taken on even more of the east-ender accent he put on. "Dont you be forgettin it."

Willow and Dawn shared a smile and a soft giggle at Spikes declaration. /All his, for always./ Willow nodded to herself as she let Dawn into the suite she shared with Spike.

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